Btok Swap Guide

  1. Open Btok, go to the "Mine" page, click on the "Btok Wallet" button in the top right corner, and register/login to the Btok Wallet or import your existing wallet.

  1. Open Btok, enter any public group, click the "Buy" button and enter the swap interface; Alternatively, on the homepage of the Btok Wallet, click on the "Swap" button at the bottom right to enter the swap interface.

  1. After entering the swap page, click on the top to select the network you want to trade on. And currently we support BNB Smart Chain, PEGO Mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum One.

  1. Click ▼ to search the swap token and receiving token. Set the swap amount (Enough miner fee is required), and then the receiving amount will be automatically calculated.

Note: You can click ▼ to enter the token name or contract and search for the swap token and the receiving token.

  1. Select the slippage and click [Swap] to proceed. After that, detailed information will be shown below.

Note: If you choose a token other than BNB to swap, you need to [Authorize] first.

6. Select [Estimated Miner Fee].

  1. After double checking the information, click [Confirm] to complete the transaction.

7. You can check transaction records by clicking "View in blockchain browser" after completing the swap operation.

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