Btok is a Web3.0 social platform covering 110+ countries across the world with over 15 million active users and 1,000,000 groups. It is one of the world’s largest blockchain social apps that integrates community, social interaction, decentralized wallet, aggregated trading, real-time airdrops, and information all in one.

Btok aims to link all parties in the blockchain world, and offers solutions to both users and project owners, addressing the needs of blockchain stakeholders with cutting-edge marketing solutions, years of community operation experience , and a professional technical team.

Btok users will have the chance to join like-minded blockchain enthusiasts and fellow investors, discover the the hottest up-and-coming projects, obtain free airdrops, and build credible decentralized identity.

The low entrance threshold to the blockchain world, solutions and functions makes Btok an attractive and convenient blockchain social platform to crypto users and project owners.

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