Major Update! Web3 Is Easier with Btok! Upgrade to the latest Android version 6.4.1 to experience!

New from btok:

1. Btok Wallet operates independently.

1.1 After this upgrade, the Btok Wallet is no longer associated with Btok account (You can consider the decentralized wallet and Btok as two separate apps, each operating independently). You can use the Btok Wallet without logging into a Btok account.

Reminder: Even if you have logged out of your Btok account, it will not affect your Btok Wallet login. You can directly switch to your Btok Wallet for use on the Btok login interface.

1.2 In cases where multiple Btok accounts are logged into a single device, you can use the same Btok Wallet account.

If you switch Btok accounts, it will not affect the current wallet's usage.


If, before this upgrade, you had logged into multiple Btok accounts on the current device and imported wallets for each, then you can switch wallets by using the Btok Wallet button in the top right corner of the wallet home page. For details, please refer to the tutorial: [Wallet Switching Tutorial]

2. A new "Btok Wallet" entry has been added to the upper right corner of the chat page.

In addition to the entry on the "Mine" page, you can now directly click the "Web3" button on the chat page to switch to the Btok Wallet.

3. A new "BtokSwap" entry has been added within Btok Wallet

Besides being accessible in public groups, you can now switch to the "Swap" page within the Btok Wallet to carry out token trading.

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